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The Ashe Humane Society is seeking the public’s help in purchasing a key piece of equipment for its facility: a state-of-the-art cat condo!


The road to becoming a full-time shelter is long and tedious. But here at the Ashe Humane Society, we know that road (along with hard work) leads to progress.

Currently at our center we can house only 8 animals (typically cats) at a time. The problem we face is that there are more cats in need than we have space for. We are blessed with several foster homes, but (like most other rescues) we still struggle with our capacity. After becoming a full-time shelter we would be able to house many more cats at our facility, ultimately lifting some burden from the community and our local animal control facility.

The first steps are already under way to become a full-fledged facility. We have made many of the necessary renovations to our building for housing animals, including two communal cat rooms!

A crucial piece of equipment we are in need of is a housing condo that we can use not only for viewings during adoption hours and for cats who aren’t keen on living in our communal rooms, but also as a space for quarantine when a new cat is brought into our facility. The quarantine process is critical, as some of the animals have never been to the vet or around other animals. We have to be diligent to protect not only the new animal’s wellbeing but that of our current furry residents.

The condo that we are asking for your help in procuring funds for would be a wonderful addition to our center. The Raintree Condo by Mason Company is top-quality and built to last. To begin with we hope to install one “quad-condo” (space for 4 cats). The condo includes a space for food, litter, and room to roam, so that the cat is not stuck in one area and surrounded by crate bars. This style of cat condo is the most desirable design, providing ample space and comfort to make each cat’s stay at our facility as stress-free as possible!

All donations made to the Ashe Humane Society are tax-deductible and extremely appreciated!

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